WINGS International University
Port Management and Maritime Logistics

Specialisation A: Urban Planning

This specialisation consists of the two following modules:

  • Urban Planning - Design project II
  • Ecological Holistic Concepts: urban space

Urban planning


Development and design of an integrated holistic concept for a determined urban district from an ecological perspective.


The students will deepen ad complete their knowledge regarding the ecological basis of previous semesters. The following topics will be applied:

  • urban structure (city of short distances, qualified mixture, solar urban planning)
  • urban climate
  • water management and landscape architecture
  • mobility
  • green and open space planning
  • urban gardening
  • Terra Preta
  • ecological-social and human-ethological aspects
  • participation, transition town
  • economy
  • conceptual and methodical aspects
  • implementation


The students will get the ability to develop an integrated urban district model by working in teams considering the "Three-Pillar-Model - ecology, socail aspects and economy".

Ecological Holistic Concepts: urban space


The following relevant contents will be applied:

  • Urban space: examples and various approaches, general and environmental requirements, analyses and environmetally friendly concept development
  • Planning principles and synergies
  • Ecological cycle management
  • Additional concepts for energy, free space, mobility and water


Students will be able to develop ecological holistic concepts within the urban scale: main goals, additional goals and target values


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